Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Autistic Rupture with the Divine

This reader's evaluation of Rene Guenon's The Crisis of the Modern World sums things up nicely.

"The chaotic forces Guenon so resolutely opposed in his prophetic writings are currently at work in the misguided efforts of the Zionistic Western elites that are attempting to domesticate and castrate traditionalist Islam, because in Islam an unrelenting anti-utopian opposition to the projected Tower of Babel globalist monoculture finds expression. Islam would be an intolerable singularity in the neat-and-tidy humanist New World Order born of our autistic rupture with the Divine... While we self-righteously cleanse the earth of the last legitimate representative of the world of Tradition, we shall have unknowingly committed self-slaughter as the way for Antichrist is paved. As Guenon has so perfectly stated, 'What Westeners call civilization, the others would call barbarity, because it is precisely lacking in the essential, that is to say a principle of a higher order.'"

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