Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Why is Islam terrifying? Because to embrace Islam you have to give up so much. You have to surrender your pride.

You have to bend down on your knees before God.

Many people say that when they attempt to pray, it is the physical prostration they find difficult. They can't do it.

The heart is the seat of the intellect. Only recently has mankind begun to think otherwise. Was my heart not sealed, only sleeping, before I embraced Islam? I certainly experienced the fear of Islam common to people of the West. What caused God's grace to fall upon me?

This is the question that mystifies me and humbles me.


Blogger Dunia's Stranger said...

your right.

even when people claim not to be worshipping anything, they are only secretly worshipping themsleves.

I've often thought how humans have explored the depts of this universe, leaving no frontier un-explored except one that lays a mystery... our soul.

3:38 am  

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