Thursday, May 10, 2007

Japanese Spies

Everyone knows that under Stalin a huge portion of the population of the USSR was arrested and exiled or shot. But did you know that the victims of the Stalinist Terror were frequently accused of terrorism? Or of being Japanese spies? And all but the most sophisticated of the intelligentsia believed these accusations, and thought that Stalin was doing the country an enormous favour by ridding it of these terrorists and Japanese spies.

Now the countries of the West are indulging in such political-religous cleansing of the population. And are we going to take their accusations at face value? Just like the subservient people under Stalin did? Will we only examine and analyse events many decades later, when it's too late, when our remorse won't help?

Why should we believe the government's accusations when they no longer even bother with criminal investigations? The destruction of the three World Trade Center towers was a criminal act, so why was no criminal investigation undertaken? As more and more people disappear into custody, accused of terrorism, it becomes clearer and clearer, if you take a closer look, who the terrorists are. And they are not Muslims.


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