Friday, June 22, 2007

The Carpet Weaver

One weaver was restoring an antique carpet. He had an assistant who didn't believe in God. This always mystified the weaver. At last, he brought out the carpet and showed it to his assistant. The assistant marvelled at the fine repair work.

"But I didn't do anything to it", objected the weaver.

"How do you mean?" asked the assistant, puzzled.

"The carpet simply repaired itself."

"But that's impossible!"

"So how can you believe that the universe could exist, without the hands of a Creator? It is just as ridiculous to think that the world created itself as that this carpet restored itself."

Then the assistant understood.


Blogger Dunia's Stranger said...

Good anecdote.

I've often argued with those who posit the 'big bang' solution for the creation of everything to explain to me how the matter that existed before the big bang came to be there? Since matter cannot be created out of nothing, and something cannot arise out of nothinness. There is point and source of origin of any and everything.

btw, I checked out that blog. Its nice.

5:26 am  
Blogger zanjabil said...

It's a true story.

4:14 pm  

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