Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Infinite Thirst

In one of his verses Rumi says, "What is love?" And he replies to his own question, "Infinite thirst." "So,"he says, "let me explain the water of life." He's trying to explain the water of life in his poetry so that your thirst will increase, so that you'll feel this pull towards water and recognize that you are infinitely thirsty, that it is human nature to be infinitely thirsty. That is what we have to awaken in ourselves. Rumi says, "Don't look for water, look for thirst." It's thirst you have to find; then, if you become thirsty, you'll see water bubbling up everywhere. But it's thirst you have to strive for before you're going to find any water. So don't look for God, endeavor to become thirsty; awaken that thirst in your soul and then you'll find God everywhere.

William Chittick

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