Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Television is the only reality"

Propaganda has become more sophisticated and possibly more effective than it was during the Soviet years, when television was a tool used to sustain an ideology. The goal today is simpler: to support the Kremlin and its corporate interests. 'It's a magic process now,' Anna Kachkaeva, who broadcasts a weekly interview show on Radio Liberty, told me. Kachkaeva, who is also the head of the television department at Moscow State University, went on: 'There is no censorship - it's much more advanced. I would call it a system of contacts and agreements between the Kremlin and the heads of television networks. There is no need to start every day with instructions. It is all done with winks and nods. They meet at the end of the week, and the problem, for TV and even in the printed press, is that self-censorship is worse than any other kind. Journalists know - they can feel - what is allowed and what is not.'...

Who's killing Putin's enemies? Part 1

Who's killing Putin's enemies? Part 2

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Truth and Falsehood

Jama Tirmidhi quotes the Messenger of Allah (saws) on the authority of Hadrat Abu Harairah:

"When your rulers are pious and upright and when the rich (of your community) are generous and when matters pertaining to you are conducted with consultation (that is through the practice of Shura then it is better for you to be on the earth rather than under the earth.

But when your rulers are wicked (unjust and corrupt) and when the rich amongst you are greedy and misers, and when your affairs are controlled by women (that is, the final decision rests with them), then it will be better for you to be under the earth rather than on the earth."

Hadrat Abu Hurairah quotes the Messenger of Allah (saws) as saying:

"When my Umma begins to attach importance and greatness to this world, then their hearts will be empty of the love and significance of Islam. And when they cease to fulfill their duty of 'enjoining the good and forbidding the evil' then they will be deprived of the blessings of Wahi and when they get accustomed to hurling abuses at each other, they will be disgraced before Allah."

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fake Terrorism

Ruthless use of terrorism for political and tactical purposes has always been a traditional tool of Israeli secret service operatives. Provocation is not below their dignity: in 1950s, in the infamous Lavon Affair, some local Jews enlisted by Israel were apprehended in Cairo while placing bombs in the American and British consulates. They tried to present their bombing as ‘acts of Islamic terror’ and cause hostility between Arabs and Americans. Israeli agents did not hesitate to kill Jews ‘for the cause’.

Thus, on November 25, 1940, the Jewish Agency men sunk SS Patria and killed 250 Jewish immigrants. They did it in order to ensure sympathy to the plight of Jews who were refused entry to British-run Palestine. The perpetrators of the outrage admitted their crime in Israeli media a few years ago. The explosive charge was too powerful, they explained.

Joachim Martillo recently wrote of possible Zionist connection with the bloody anti-Jewish riots in the Polish town of Kielce after the WWII. The riots sent a wave of Jewish immigrants to the shores of Palestine. Israeli bombings of Baghdad synagogues are by now a well known and declassified fact. They caused mass immigration of Iraqi Jews to Israel.

In a more recent development, just over a year ago, Moscow was shaken by dreadful explosions that caused multiple casualties. Unknown terrorists exploded whole residential apartment buildings in the Russian capital. The explosions were blamed on Chechens, and brought about the Second Chechnya war, the destruction of Grozny, thousands of dead and wounded, but more importantly, they served as a turning point in Russia’s relations with Israel and the Muslim world. Russia’s media enforced the image of Islamic terrorism and of Israel as a guardian and ally of Russia.

‘We have a common enemy, Islamic terrorism’, was the line reiterated by Israeli politicians visiting Moscow, be it Sharansky, Lieberman or Peres. The comparisons of Chechnya with Palestine became commonplace in the Jewish-owned Russian press. The old Zionist dream of creating confrontation between Russia and Dar al Islam almost became true. Until now, the bombers have not been found. Russia’s influential Nezavisimaya Gazette openly expresses doubts of a Chechen connection to the explosions.

Read the full article: Doubt and Certainty – Israel Shamir

Returning to One God

This Russian Orthodox priest embraced Islam after studying and teaching the old and new testaments for many years. Al hamdu lillah!
"Today in this world, where vice, lawlessness, and the dollar reign, we need to preserve our nation. And I believe that the salvation of Russia and the entire world lies in Islam."


Thursday, February 08, 2007


"If someone disobeys God in matters that concern you, the best thing to do in return is to obey God in matters that concern him."

So said Umar ibn Khattab

Friday, February 02, 2007


You must understand that you cannot begin with freedom—freedom is the goal, the aim. People say that God created man free. That is a great misunderstanding. Freedom cannot be given to anyone—even by our all-loving Creator Himself. God has given to man the biggest thing he can—that is the possibility to become free. The desire for freedom exists in every man worthy of the name—but people are stupid and think they can have outward freedom without inner freedom. All our evil comes from this stupidity. Unless we desire, first of all, to be free from our own inner enemies, we shall only go from bad to worse.
—Gheorgiy Gurdjieff


Thursday, February 01, 2007


As long as man is a slave to his senses and not the master of himself, so long can the elemental forces of the world distress and overcome him.

Hari Prasad Shastri